About Perfect Point

With coast-to-coast locations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Santa Ana, California, Perfect Point Drill Sharpening Center utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and processes to resharpen your PCB tools. The goal is to meet the original specifications of the carbide tool manufacturer, including diameter, margin and cleanliness.

Perfect Point also provides engineering services to help reduce costs and improve your yields. The SPC data collected on the tools can be used for lot traceability and DOE process improvement.

Our team have a combined average of 15 years of experience and are fully trained in micro-drilling technology. In order to use the proper flexibility to fulfill our customer's demands, we have adopted the cross-training philosophy. The team is trained from the beginning to the end of the resharpening process including the important and critical cleaning process.

Auto Resharpening Machine


  • Fully Automated Resharpening
  • 100% AOI Inspection
  • Measures 12 Geometric Attributes
  • Photographic Record of Each Repointed Tool
We provide fully automated re-sharpening of PCB tools. Our automatic system is fully integrated and provides re-sharpening, ring-depth setting, point-defect measurement and SPC data collection. The tool that is returned to the customer is guaranteed to meet the manufacturer's original specifications.
State-of-the-art technology is our philosophy in terms of equipment. The MEL260 is a fully automated resharp/ringset/AOI machine, where robots handle carefully the drills during the entire process, taking and returning the drills to their original boxes. The AOI process generates a detailed report for every single drilled analyzed, which includes measurement on 13 geometries on the drill point, graphs and snapshot of every drill.
Micro tools are becoming more popular and the trend towards SPC Data Collection of resharpened tools is a necessary one. In fact, this is a reality at Perfect Point. Every tool that passes through our cleaning and auto-repointing process is measured for 13 defects. The data is stored and can be accessed for yield improvements.

Our Process

The first step when we receive the drills is to make sure that 100% of all drills are properly cleaned through a dedicated Ultra-Sonic process. Our exclusive cleaning process, guarantee that repointed drills will "shine" as a new drill. We know that a dirty drill can generate smears, burrs, nailheading, oversized holes, drill breakage among other problems, this is why we are so meticulous to return only very clean drills to our customers.

  • As it was received

  • After Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • After Cleaning and Resharpening

Jinzhou Drills, Routers and Endmills

Entry and Backup

  • Best choice for accuracy and hole wall quality
  • Tri-layer product with water soluble lubricant and a layer to enhance accuracy
  • Excellent for small hole drilling
Available Thickness: .0055", .0079"

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  • Solid Aluminum, Grade 3003, 100% recyclable
  • Improves accuracy
  • Reduces heat generation
Available Thickness: .007"

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  • Modified Phenolic, completely flexible for Micro drilling, Back drilling and Microvia
  • Soft material that powderizes
  • Excellent for Micro drilling
Available Thickness: .008"

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  • Standard Phenolic provides excellent surface protection and is cost competitive
  • Homogenous resin distribution
  • Reduces burrs on soft materials
Available Thickness: .020", .059"

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  • Lubricated board
  • Cools and cleans during drilling
  • Significantly improves accuracy
  • Allows greater hit counts
Available Thickness: .098"

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